Sunday, November 01, 2009

Frightastic? Spooktacular!

Happy belated Halloween folks. Today's recipe is a little bit French Queen, a little bit dead. You guessed it, it's Marie Antoinette!

While I'm not awesome enough to do things the real way, I did manage to throw a little bit of something together with some stuff I had sitting in the pantry/available from your local party store. That plus the magic of the internet and you have the ghost of freshly beheaded royalty ready to go!

Ingredients -

- Comb/brush for teasing
- A whole can of white hair spray

- Tissues
- Liquid latex
- Make-up (concealer, eyeliner, maroon eyeshadow)
- Fake blood
- This tutorial (Instructables is kinda my new BFF).

- Something with an appropriately poofy skirt that isn't too slutty. Pretty sick of slutty Halloween costumes... Mean Girls messed up a lot of impressionable young ladies.

Here's one I prepared earlier!


Hope you all had a super awesome time!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Early In Life I Was Visited By The Bluebird Of Anxiety

My computer keeps blue screening... I wonder if it would be as traumatic if it was a nice light blue rather than such a bright agressive blue. But yeah... time for a new computer! If I lived in the States (which I don't, but probably should) I would purchase this computer. Macs can go and eat my hat because this beautiful Dell laptop has vintage-y birds all over it. Love. The artist is Jason Holley and he also has other really awesome designs for Dell.

In other news, seen on the street (ie Facehunter)...

I'm not entirely sure whether I love or hate this jacket. It's certainly captured my attention though!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Attachment Is The Great Fabricator of Illusions

The word 'glom' (which means to steal or to attach to) is a word that I first came into contact with during the movie, Josie and the Pussycats. It's the perfect word to describe how I've been feeling lately... I've been 'glomming on' to other peoples style, mainly people that I have internet style crushes on. It's a bit disappointing really. I've always prided myself on being different but I guess because of the overwhelming style presence on the internet at the moment, I'm feeling a little lost... and as a result, clinging to the life ring that is other people's style.

You know you're doing it when you:
a) Buy something because you've seen them wear something similar. You get it home and realise that it makes you look like a maiden aunt going to church (and not in a good way).
b) Get completely confused about your colourways - you start to drift towards colours that suit them and nine times out of ten, these colours make you look washed out and ridiculous.
c) Finally, all of your outfits don't feel quite like you. And there is nothing quite like the feeling of mood/outfit/occasion symmetry.

Ways to detach yourself from the style weakening grasp of the glom -

1. Go to your wardrobe and pick out the most 'you' item. At the moment, my thrifted military/band jacket feels pretty much amazing. Build an outfit around it. Ask yourself why you like it. It's kind of a ten second cheat way of defining your style.

2. Read one of those dodgy colour analysis, Color Me Beautiful books. Sorry about the dodgy different spellings of colour but I'm Australian and we have 'U's' in everything! Anyway, it's not hard and fast but they can be helpful.

3. Step away from the computer. I know it's difficult (well, it is for me!) but I think that everyone's style will say thank you for it. More originality, less glomming!

PS. Just a tiny gripe for the week - I'm getting sick of reading bio's of bloggers who describe themselves as avid thrift shoppers or vintage lovers and then you look through the last three months of their posts and they haven't worn any vintage/thrift! Don't hop on the band wagon if you can't play an instrument!


Tongue pokes at them!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Tragedy Of Life Is We Wait So Long To Begin It

The light seems different up here.


More to come. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Altered The Colour of My Mind

About two months ago, I was reading through an old Vogue and there was one of those small stories in the first few pages with a headline "Navy is the New Black". For someone like me whose outfits are black-centric 99% of the time, this is unthinkable. However, it must of had some effect because ever since then I've been thinking about navy.

The cumulation of this was the purchase of a 1950's navy eyelet dress. While it was a bit big, it was nothing a bit of tacking didn't fix and I love it to death. It's the most perfect shade, a blue navy but not too blue or too dark. Simply an elegant shade. The buttons too are lovely, rhinestones that catch the light and make it a little bit too dressed up for day (but that probably won't stop me).

WR 10.04.09 - Navy + Black....

For it's second outing (the first being a night out and not too great for picture taking), I paired it with a matching rhinestone brooch and a wide eighties era velvet stretch belt which somehow suits it better than any other similar aged belts I own. Oh, and my new lace-up heels from Barkins (which has surprisingly good shoes).

My other new purchase this week was a 60's/70's jewellry box, lined in mustard velour. While it doesn't sound to appealing, the outside is a lovely eggshell colour and the inside shows my increasing collection of jewellry off nicely.

I'll leave you with a few pictures from my latest obsession, Shorpy Photo Archive, which I found via Sally Jane Vintage. These pictures are amazing!

Monday, April 06, 2009

As I Recall It Was A Horror Film

Since I've last posted pictures, so much has happened.

So, so, much.

New dresses! Poor attempt at frames! These dresses are interesting. None of them are made of natural fibers (usually a big deal breaker), but they all had such charming detail and now they seem to be the first thing I reach for. Possibly because of my increasing aversion to ironing.
Also a while back it was my boyfriend's birthday (on Friday 13th!) so we had a Halloween themed party. It was a blast, which is an adjective not used often enough.

Have a delicious week!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pull Up Tonight's Darkness Like A Quilt

Since my camera is out of action....

Here's a bit of a crazy brain thread of what's going on in my head.

1. Lobsters

2. Schiaparelli (both Elsa & Gogo)

3. Quilts (again...)

4. My love of everything ever posted on this blog. I love the way that vintage isn't something kept in the closet for a special occasion, instead it's celebrated everyday.

Hope to be seeing you soon, with a brand new outfit/look at what I bought post!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life Is A Do-It-Yourself Project

Sometimes I feel as though my tastes are constantly changing and then other days.... well, I realise how they are pretty much exactly the same.

Like when I was in high school, my favourite classic film star was Audrey Hepburn, hands down. You think Blair Waldorf is obsessed? Trust me I was worse. And then about half way through last year, Katherine replaced Audrey as my number one Hepburn. I blame a chance siting of Philadelphia Story. Tonight I sat at home knitting a ridiculous jumper and watching Stage Door. Pure bliss.

So that was my example of change and here is an example of well..... a rut.

And the embarassing truth? There about another four pairs around the place that fit in the same mould.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If You Start Soon Enough, You Won't Have To Run To Catch Up

Catch ups.

1. I was lucky enough to be featured as Vintage Queen #10 on the Queens of Vintage website. It's a pretty super cool site (and not just because I'm on it!). It's like a daily online magazine, a bit like Who What Wear for vintage lovers. I'd probably check it out.
2. I don't do this often, but especially for all of you Australian fashion lovers out there, check out this site. For Australian Fashion Week (16-20 March) there will be nterviews with awesome Aussie designers like Lover & Akira & Willow. Super rad. Plus there are heaps of other cool films/video clips from around the world.
3. Finally, Alexa Chung blows my mind.

And I may have said finally but I lied. I've been having this horrible affliction lately where every vintage item I want to buy/fall in love with is pale baby pink. Which is a colour I tend to look horrible in. Woe is me.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Poetry Is Thoughts That Breathe And Words That Burn

Sadly signing up with Bloglovin means that everyone sees how impatient I am when I press enter immediately after typing in my quote-y title. So please forgive me for being such a technological dunce.

This week has been incredibly busy, I've been working my way through Missa's package and I think I've nearly worn everything. Sadly however, I haven't been remembering to take pictures of everything. Frowny face.

But I did take pictures of this amazing blouse. It has the best puffy sleeves and cute pink rosebud buttons going up the back. I haven't as yet been able to find the perfect navy skirt to match it but because it's a pretty bluer navy shade you can pair it with black without looking colourblind. Yay!

WR Floral Sage

Wearing - thrifted blouse from Missa, thrifted black skirt, thrifted sage tights, thrifted shoes, gift necklace.

Also there is new stuff in the store and heaps more to come.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Parcel of Fortunes

It's interesting you know, when you receive gifts from other people... while you might continue to fall into the same shopping traps (another pair of black round toed shoes), they see 'hidden' obsessions that you obliquely may not have realised that you even had. They might find and fill all sorts of holes in your wardrobe that you didn't know about. And finally, they might just provide the secret ingredient to the perfect ensemble. Thanks, Missa.

Purple Dress

This dress is just perfect. Apart from the magnificent colour, I have a vest which matches it perfectly and it fits like the proverbial glove. Also featuring in this outfit is my favourite celluloid brooch and my DIY sailor collar (of which I have been planning to do a post about for at least half a century).


Here are some of the other wonderful goodies that came my way. I am forever grateful and look forward to playing with these marvellous pieces.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Novelty Has Charms That Our Minds Can Hardly Withstand

Lauren = sucker for ridiculous prints. Perhaps you've noticed that the pieces I love most are fairly outlandish, novelty prints. The best way I've discovered to track down these pieces is to type words like "kitsch" and "novelty" into the ever generous etsy search engine. I've found a few awesome pieces typing in the word "crazy" too.

Here are some pieces that I'm obsessing over at the moment.

50s Catalina Jacquard Cardigan by TheGreenWallpaper

PALM TREES Navy Cotton Vintage 50s Skirt, XS from Empress Jade

I think the reason I love these pieces so much is because they have such personality. That being said, they can be ridiculously memorable. I'm not sure I'd mind though.

Hopefully, in the next few days I'll post again about the fantastic package I'm going to receive from Missa, the queen of thrift swaps. I'm so, so, so excited.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

True Love/False Love, Mushrooms/Toadstools

What a fast weekend. Over in a flash. Perhaps it was something to do with the weather.
Or perhaps it's magic?

WR 140209 - Whiteness


WR 140209 - Whiteness


Inspired by - Picnic at Hanging Rock.... The book is far far creepier than the movie.
Wearing - Cream crocheted dress - thrift, cream lace jacket - thrift, cream petticoats - inherited/thrift, shoes - thrift.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Time Is A Circus, Always Packing Up and Moving Away

I'm in love with things that have charm. I don't care if they are careworn/falling to bits. Like this jacket. It's missing so many bits here and there, a touch of braid, a few buttons.

Red Jacket

But when I put it on, I feel like a princess.... or a lion tamer.

WR 10.02.09 - Circus?

WR 10.02.09 - Circus?

Also probably not the best pictures of my fringe. The fan was going so fast and it sort of blew everything away. I'm getting used to the fringe but I have to get up five minutes earlier to straighten it. Oh well!

The circus was the first part of title, the packing up and moving away is the next. I just recently moved out of home and it seems that soon I'll be moving away from this town. It's sort of bittersweet, I've always wanted to leave but not really. Does anyone have any advice that will stop me from being so incredibly scared of the months ahead?

Monday, February 09, 2009

Our Thoughts Are With You

But though they worked like Trojans all,
The fire still went ahead
So far as you could see around,
The very skies were red,
Sometimes the flames would start afresh,
Just where they thought it dead.

An excerpt from The Bushfire - An Allegory by A. B. Paterson

It's been a bad day. I can only hope that things get better for eveyone who has been affected by these dreadful occurences.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

We Began A Great Adventure On The Fringes

I think I'm in love with Keira Knightly.
I think I'm in love with this outfit.
I need an asymmetrical buttoned shirt.

I just cut myself a fringe as a result.
I hope I didn't just make a huge mistake.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Dressing Up, Dressing Down

I haven't been posting as much as I want. I work full time and have been doing so for around six months now. When I'm dressing for work I tend to stick to the same shapes, patterns and pieces. All the clothing that I love and feel like myself in, tends to get left for afternoons and weekends.

Why? Why should I force myself to wear dowdy or "professional" clothing that a) doesn't make me feel happy and b) doesn't really show any personality.

I've recently come to the conclusion that dressing up, creating an outfit is something that I enjoy and I want to do it everyday. These are supposedly the best days of my life. I want to live them my way and as petulant as it sounds, wear what I want. I don't want to look back and shudder at the days I spent in black suits and striped poly cotton blouses.

Mango Tights

Mango Tights


Crochet shirt - thrift, black skirt - ? (some really bad chain store) , mango tights - thrift, black shoes, thrift, brooch - gift.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

To Market, To Market

This weekend I finally got around to waking up early... which is pretty marvellous for me. And what did I do with this magnificent re-claimed morning? Why I went to the markets!

That being said the markets in my small town aren't that exciting. While there were some fantastic fruit and vegetables about, there is nada in the way of clothing or jewellry that wasn't of the crazy hippy type. Not that that sort of jewellry doesn't have it's place, it's just not what I'm lusting after at the moment. No, the reason why I went was because of the magical, mystical sewing stall. It's the most lovely thing I've ever seen. All it is tables covered with ribbon, lace, buttons, appliques, flowers and fabric but it's definately a reason to get up early.

WR 18.01.09 - Denim + Red

I've never been a huge fan of JayJays (which for non-Aussies is a local denim chain store) simply because I find everything of theirs quite indecent. Shorts are missing inches and the skirts hardly deserve the name. However, I found this denim shirtdress on the old $10 rack and decided to give it a go. Unsurprisingly, I wouldn't have been able to wear it as a dress but I'm hoping it will be quite versatile as a lightweight trench! Now it just has to get colder so I can wear it more!

The brooch is one of those 'too crazy' finds that you buy because you think they are funny. It's a crazy little caricature of a cockatoo which reminds me a little bit of Ken Done.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birds of A Feather Flock Together

I've been slowly acquiring a small collection of 1950s vintage dresses. This latest one is the dress that I got for Christmas. I've spoken before about my love of bird prints and so this dress seemed perfect. It even has their scientific names (which for a nerd like me, is adorable!)

Bird Dress Pattern

I was also fascinated with the colour scheme - on the cream background, is grey, rust brown and... neon pink. But some how it works!

Bird Dress

Grey Shoes

I wasn't really going out, so I attempted to dress it down with some grey men's style brogues, a brown woven belt and a cream button down vest (all thrifted). One day though I want to find a crazy neon pink bed jacket to pair it with.

And I finally got around to taking a picture of my skirt! I think it's from the 50's because of the metal zip, but then again, someone just could have used a vintage zip in their home sewing (I do it all the time). Either way I love it! The material is the best, a great mixture of brown and black (which I can't do half as well as the lovely Lavender and Yolk) and a splash of orange. A great thrifting start to 2009!

1950s Skirt

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Envy Is The Art Of Counting Others Blessings

Or in my case, looking on Etsy for too long. This post could also be entitled - Things I Love But Will Never Own.
Amazingly, amazing Vintage Wicker and Plastic Handle Poodle Bag. This reminds me so much of something that Nicole from Fashion Forestry would love. Sometimes I think I want to be her. Is that weird??

ROSE CREPE vintage 30s PLEATED square neck BOW gown dress S M

This dress is fairly awesome. I love the colour and all the awesome details. It reminds me why I'm going to start buying quality over quantity. Though I don't know that you can get this sort of quality anymore. Why is that? Isn't there the market for it anymore?

Vintage Eisenberg Scarf Clip Very Early, marked Sterling pre 1935
I just love sparkly, sparkly things. And this one is fancy, fancy, fancy too!

In relation to the last post and the dress that I made:

I didn't draft it, but I didn't use a pattern either, if that makes sense. I guess I kind of do use a pattern because I'll look at the shape of a similar bodice, but lately I've been doing things by eye and with the use of my new dressmakers doll.

I think I looked at a 1970s pattern for the bodice but completely changed the neckline (so it could have a collar) and made it so there could be a zip at the back. And then added the separation down the front so I could have buttons!

The skirt I just measured my waist, multiplied the measurement by three (plus seam allowances) and then cut out a rectangle this long. I then did knife pleats around the the whole thing. They're actually super easy.

I think that it turned out better than some of my other stuff too because I actually bought the material new for once (Spotlight) instead of buying secondhand and having to cut things out weird or use different fabrics for facings.
That being said, I still reckon it's 85.6% luck...