Wednesday, September 13, 2006

And So It Begins?

I'm not one for introductions but I guess it's a bit retarded to just start posting.. So, I'm L. I live in Australia, where all our seasons are backwards. The only benefit of this situation is that it is slightly easier to be an early adopter.

My style icons are Jane Birkin and Jean Seberg. From current times, I love Chloe Sevigny, Cory Kennedy (Don't hit me!) and Lou Doillon. I like to draw ideas from ridiculous hipster fashion and my other passions (music, photography and art). At the moment, musically I'm obsessed with Alexisonfire's first album and the Arcade Fire.

I'm currently attending University in a small, slightly backwards town. I'm known as the girl that wears strange clothes to class. I fear getting a real job because it means that I will have to dress like normal people. This blog is basically for me to talk about things that I wish the people who lived around me appreciated.

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the ue said...

i assure you that you will never have to part with your quirky fashion sense in the real world.
i'm still pushing the envelope and challenging the norm. even though i do get a lot more raised eyebrows then i did when i was younger.