Monday, September 18, 2006

Elke Kramer Rocks My Socks

Elke Kramer is a real Australian success story. By trade she is a graphic artist and has supplied awesome art for many of our local designers such as sass & bide, Willow and Tsubi. However, it is her jewellry collection that is truly marvellous. The first collection titled Exaltation of Skylarks Icecream Factory collection, pictured below, featured some of the most truly original shape and line combinations ever seen in jewellry. The collection was a huge success with the necklaces being seen on hipsters all down the East coast.

Her second collection is coming soon and is titled The Anti-Curse of Greyface: A Celebration of Chaos and Nonsense. Obviously she's quirky, she's kooky... but that's what I like so much. For once someone in the fashion industry has real quirks and is really interesting. Nothing about Ms. Kramer is fake or appears to be trying too hard and that is really refreshing.

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