Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Emptiness The Whole World Sings At Night

Luella Bartley has to be one of my favourite designers. To be completely honest, I don't really know why. Some designers I can say that it's their use of colour, their silhouette, their styling, the way they reinvent looks to make them modern or even their drama. All I know is everytime I see a Luella collection, I want it. I want it bad. This season is no different.

First things first, the shoes are amazing. Sure I'm doubtful that anyone would actually where them out and do them justice, but as seen with many designers this season (Marc by Marc, Karen Walker) the masculine shoe is very interesting and should not be ignored. Other than that the best parts of these collections are the awesome prints as seen on the T-shirt in the middle (above), the GEEK shirt and the incredible accessories. The chunky necklaces and bag charms added so much to the styling of this collection. Again, the skirt and T-shirt combination is prevalent.

The black and white pattern (above, left) also was very heavily featured but not many of my favourite looks featured it. The outfit in the middle, with the mixture of stripes, cardigans and pants tied by bow is my favourite outfit of the whole collection. It seems so simple, but it is put together so well. Finally, the dress on the right, is also very simple but teamed with the ankle boots and that incredible bag.

In conclusion, I love Luella.

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