Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I Have A Large Collection of Thunder That I Stole From Your Window Sill

You've got to love Marc Jacobs or at the very least have some kind of faux admiration for the way he makes people want things that two seconds ago they despised. He made what are basically oversized, dinky paste jewels that I used to stick on crowns in kindergarten, the most awesome accessory I have seen so far at S/S07. That and his styling is magical.

I was too young to appreciate deconstruction the last time it was in style, and the dress on the left makes me want to cut up and layer t-shirt dresses. The pants on the left on the other hand are just divine. They are probably best described as the daughter of capris and non-tacky harem pants.

These dresses are Marc's take on the volume trend that has been so prevalent in the past couple of seasons. I particularly like the way that he as interpreted it with a focus on the shoulders and torso rather than volume near the legs and waist.

PS. The neon-ish green catwalk is glorious and really offsets the neutral clothing. It also makes everyone aware of exactly whose collection they are admiring. I expect this one to be referenced EVERYWHERE.

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