Thursday, September 14, 2006

We Summon By Candle, By Book and By Bell

Marc by Marc Jacobs, for me, was slightly less exciting than the Marc Jacobs collection. However, the dirty, dare I say it, grungey kind of layering vibe with quirky accessories is sure to be a winner on the streets. It's the kind of look that many try to wear but very few can wear successfully.

I love the dress on the left for the awesome 'bib' front and loose, relaxed shape. I am dying for a dress like this. The embellished shirt reminds of bad older womens fashion but for some reason now I really, really want one. Damn you, Marc! I pretty much added the picture on the left because those shoes are divine and I always love simple, gorgeous ensembles with stand-out shoes.

Of these looks, the black dress looks 'average to boring' but has the most amazing cut. The two skirt outfits are simply divine. The subtle mixing of prints and the slightly large t-shirts make this look really interesting and definately re-createable. I really doubt that 're-createable' is a word. Also the necklace? on the right is interesting.

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