Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Take-Offs & Landings

Sometimes I revel in being an average, normal sort of person and other days I wish that someone was always around me taking photos. Not in a sleazy paparazzi way, more in a cool Cobrasnake, I'm rad, Cory Kennedy sort of way. Just because.

In other news, coloured tights are awesome. I got some electric blue ones the other day... They have a stiruppy bit and cost me 50c. That's right. I've always loooooooved tights, leggings to for that matter. I first started wearing them when I was 11 or 12. I read this old finishing school book that leggings/socks/tights would make thin legs look fatter. I've never looked back. It kind of hurt me that they became a trend because I knew the backlash would come. And come it has.

In a way I don't blame people for hating them.. I hate the way that people in Australia wear them and it kind of sounds like all around the world teeny-bopper mall rats are wearing 3/4 black tights with too short mini skirts. It's cheap and wrong. But with a little originality, they can be pretty cool...

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