Wednesday, November 15, 2006

When You Aim For Perfection You Discover It's A Moving Target..

Sometimes, when you are out with friends, drinking, having a laugh etc. the topic of conversation comes around to favourites. Favourite bands, favourite songs, favourite colours, favourite pizza, favourite brands... I often find myself struggling to answer these questions.

With the exception of my favourite person, my favourites change on a day to day, if not a minute to minute basis. So right now my favourite band is Cursive, my favourite song is Keep It On Wax, my favourite pizza is pepperoni and my favourite brand is Mike & Chris... But tomorrow who knows?

However, there is one store that I will always be in love with. Target. It's fairly fashion forward for a chain and you can always find something you love for under 5 dollars.

I came to the sobering conclusion the other day that probably 60% of my wardrobe is from Target. Almost all of my dresses are from there and I find it hard to walk out of Target without buying something. I was really excited to find out about the designers for Target collection featuring TL Wood, Tina Kalivas and Alice McCall. It's the first time that Australia has had anything like this. Everyone in the US and UK seems to be sick of designer collaborations but here it's still pretty new and exciting.

Alice McCall offerings include a pinafore, an apron dress and a dress and top in the most gorgeous bow print material.

All of these things, the designer collection, the price etc are all just bonuses for the feeling that I get when I walk into Target. There is a certain sense of hope because all of the clothes could be great, they could all look fantastic, it just depends what you do with them... and when someone asks if your outfit is from Lover and you are wearing 90% Target, it's a great feeling.

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