Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Crazy Days and Neon Nights

I love neon. And I totally loved before Christopher Kane was on the scene, so there!! I spent my entire 8th grade year dressed in a neon tie-dyed shirt, but thankfully no pictures of me in said shirt nor the shirt itself have lived to tell the tale.

However, this picture of my nineteenth birthday did. I had an eighties party and pretty much spent the whole night going beserk. It was awesome. So here are myself and my best girls living it up.
(Man, I love photoshop.) I attached that awesome material to the top part of the dress. Hopefully, I will get around to making a shirt out of it and eighties-ing up with high-waisted pants. Because if I can't do it now when can I?

Isn't funny how after a couple of years things you thought were heinous, you suddenly love again. Fashion is fickle, non? In a way, it makes you kind of hopeful. If pointless trends can reinvent themselves, in a way which makes them appealing to the masses once again, why can't people?

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