Tuesday, February 13, 2007

If All The World Were Paper..

So, recently the cobrasnake, visited my fair country. However, it was for a Mickey Avalon tour (ehh..) and the cost to travel down to New South Wales probably wouldn't have been worth it.

Looking on the site, I depressingly find out that Australian hipsters/wannabes dress exactly the same as L.A. kids. Don't we have any pride? Any individuality? Sometimes. Look at sass and bide and Kit Willow, Elke Kramer. Those are people with style. Too bad Mark Hunter didn't take any pictures of them.

This was the only picture that I loved. I don't know why but $10 says it's the bow. The plaid dress isn't horrible either.
PS. I really hope that she is from Australia. Assuming that all pictures in between RVCA Downunderpants and Sydney Bandits were taken here, she is. If not, I'm a little disappointed.


Flashy_Shades said...

don't blame australia, i think the cobrasnake just has a look he likes

molly said...

yeah i think its the bow.
australias awesome, i know a few people who live there and theyre all really cool

MOLLY GRAY said...

it's a great pic!.
+Molly G.+

kf said...

ugh. i am so over the cobra snake. he is just a big, smelly hipster who comes from rich parents. vomit.

Anonymous said...

she's from australiaaaa
the cobrasnakes documentation of australian style is hopeless and should not be used as any kind of reference