Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Mysterious Force Is Making People Dance Wildly And Threatening To Destroy Our Entire Way Of Life! :Must Be Rap Music."

Being a skinny white girl, I have always been fascinated by other rap culture. I love the big hoodies, the chains, the kicks. Mostly I dislike the music, but that's a matter of personal taste and also because I find it fairly denigrating and offensive towards females. But moving on...
The whole style/culture thing of rap has some very interesting shapes and with the whole popularity of Bape hoodies (even though they are more popularity in the whole 'club scene), the rap look or elements of it are fairly mainstream now a days. From the huge chains,

(which you can puchase online from Mr Bling), to t-shirts making reference to rap superstars NWA,

However, one look that I hope won't catch on (within the non-rap/hip hop community) is grills. I genuinely believe that this is one look that would be very difficult to attempt if you had very little credibility.

Photos: misterbling.com, blogger and news.bcc.co.uk.

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