Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Some Days You're The Spider, Some Days You're The Fly. And It's A Fly Day For Me

Karen Walker is a gun. Not in a bad, killing people sort of way, rather in a Charlies Angel, shoot to maim and no one ever get's hurt kind of way. She fires off (sorry, couldn't help myself) collections that are quirky and original but still in touch with a) her label's look and b)current trends. Her latest collection for AW07 is said to be inspired by thirties comic book superheroine. Interestingly, there is nothing obvious that this character is her muse. There are only simple touches here and there, such as the sharp shoulder of the dress on the left or the heart applique seen on the cost below.

The most obvious would be the printed shirt above which says Karen to the Rescue. Other than that there are her signature brights and a lot of opaque stockings and hats. Mostly though, this collection has inspired me to buy yellow nailpolish.

Pictures: Style.com

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muze1990 said...

I like the blue jacket, and you are right, she is not losing her labels look!