Tuesday, February 06, 2007

We Love Our Bread We Love Our Butter, But Most Of All We Love Each Other.

Of late, socks (knee-high, thigh-high) have become increasingly popular in fashion circles. Sadly, not in my small town, where I am regularly asked whether I am dressing up as Sailor Moon or going to a Naughty Schoolgirl party (creepy, I know).

Some people say that socks are hard to wear, but really they just have to be kept in a particular context. For example, this picture from Facehunter is a how-to on wearing socks. To be honest, I am completely in love with this whole outfit but it is the socks that really make it for me.

The outfit kinda has a whole innocent 'Madeline' vibe to it but it is made interesting and edgier by the scarf around the neck and how the proportions have been altered (socks above knee, high-waisted skirt, long sleeves poking out and slightly oversized jacket with awesome buttons). I also love how it all kind of matches but not exactly.

At New York Fashion Week, socks have also been used by several designers as accessories. In particular is Alice Roi, who stated that this collection was inspired by Madeline (hence the title of this post). Roi's Madeline isn't exactly all fun and games, pooh-poohing tigers and such. Rather, its a fairly dark collection (appropriate for the coming months). The socks are only mid-calf which is a hard length to wear but they give the outfits a certain something.

Photos from Style.com

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kf said...

i absolutely LOVE the look in the top picture. that girl rocks.

i am a big fan of tube socks, too.