Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Your Bullets Cannot Harm Me! My Wings Are Like A Shield Of Steel!

I am all for ethical, sustainable fashion. I think that everyone who lives on Earth takes and we could all give a little back. For example, I really admire Stella McCartney and her dedication to her beliefs. It is really rare that a person would not compromise their choices to the point which Stella does. Her clothing manages to be environmentally-friendly and beautiful.

It’s encouraging that other designers and fashion stores have also begun to contribute to saving the environment. Lee (the denim brand) has t-shirts and denim made from organic cotton as does Mavi. Tree of Life provides employment opportunities in struggling areas. Trashbags ( creates accessories from recycled materials. However, the ecologically-friendly brand I’m most excited about is Bird. This organization creates gorgeous clothing, is climate-neutral, run on solar power and all designs are hand-painted and hand-sewn. That’s what I call impressive.

Pictures: Bird.

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