Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I Got Brass Knuckles Hanging From My Neck And My Chain

Good Charlotte = Footloose. No but really, they are ridiculously catchy. So much so that Keep Your Hands Off My Girl has been stuck in my head for over 42 hours. That's a record.

Speaking of chains, on the weekend, I wore mine. It's sweet as, bright silver. My sister bought it for me from Target for $2. Second best bargain ever. So anyway, we were at Ben's 20th and I passed the chain around the circle to get some rad pictures. I like Erin's best.

From left: Erin, Myself and Jessica

From left: Alex, Flakey and Kenny (I guess we all like black?)

Many apologies for the red eye. I uploaded in excess of 300 pictures and the anti-red eye thing was taking way too long.


La Principessa said...

I didn't know that Target had franchises in Australia. Cool.

Emma said...

you posted! sweet.
yeah, chains are le sex.
i think i'm going to try and bring them back in my 'hood. and by 'hood, i mean extremely preppy girls' school. yeah, that should go over well.