Friday, April 13, 2007

Between the Click of the Light and the Start of the Dream

Us kids know, right?

So, long time (exactly 15 days), no post. Sorry, things have been busy, assignments and such. Now getting back to the task at hand. Fashion, style, awesome-ness.

Lately, it seems I've read a lot of posts about thrifting. Or what people have found by thrifting and are showing off. As they should because most of it is absolutely amazing.

I've been thrifting since I was ten. People used to pay me out because of it, saying that I couldn't afford to buy new clothes. I would retort that new clothes are boring and that one day they would wake up and realise that they had wasted their life trying to be like everyone else. I didn't say that when I was ten of course, that came later on.

So, the point of this post is to show off some of my favourite finds. I hope you enjoy them.

Top left: Bed jacket - its really beautiful and light, but hard to wear because the fabric is a weird cream colour - $2.

Top right: Brown fake fur jacket - from the tag I think it was made mid 60's, the fur is really soft and definitely faux - $8.

Bottom left: Pink jumper - from the tag, it's mid 70's, really brightly coloured with little puffs at the top of the sleeves, I think that where the colours come to a point there was something attached, that has since fallen off - $1.50.

Bottom right: Two of my newest purchases - the gold and black striped top isn't that old, but it's better to pay $2.50 for it than $30 dollars for a similar thing at the shops. The red cardigan is an man's cardigan, it's a really heavy poly-blend with flat pockets on the front - $6.

This skirt is sooo beautiful, it's a full pure silk skirt. I saw it and fell in love, then I tried it on and it was all swishy and perfect. I took it to the counter willing to pay almost whatever they asked. It was $1.50. One of the best finds.

My three favourite vintage dresses. The black one has the most incredible metallic embroidery. I think it is actually a shirt, but the length means that I can wear it as a tunic dress over black tights. The middle dress, is really simple, but ridiculously fitted. This means that it is hard to sit down in if you even look at food. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it has a really awesome scalloped neckline. The last dress is a relatively new one which I haven't decided what to do with. The fabric is crinkled and covered in purple and blue hibiscuses. Sounds heinous but it's actually really pretty.

Finally, the accessories -

Just a selection, it looked pretty all laid out like this. So yeah, that's probably most of my favourites. I'll have to get around to taking pictures of my other two main collections of vintage, which are rompers and shoes.

Most of my wardrobe is vintage or thrifted but I don't like to make a huge deal about it. If someone asks where I got something from, I'll tell them but I won't be the girl prancing around saying "This dress? Oh, it's vintage. Aren't I so hip?". People like that are lame.


ashley heaton said...

wow, i love the third vintage dress, and all of the purses :)
and yes, dita is so fragile/doll-looking, but it may just be due to her shape and complexion, because she's definitely a few inches taller than me haha.

Emma said...

you are ever so stylish.
i love every single thing. especially those clutch purses. i have a beaded black purse v. similar to that one you have pictured.
can i have your wardrobe?
i LOVE that skirt.

La Principessa said...

Welcome back, love the post (totally jealous of your dresses, and the prices--you're making me think a ticket to Australia would pay for itself, give the exchange rate!), and you should email me thrifted stuff sometime!

Isabel said...

Karma bit those thrift-haters in the ASS! We're the cool ones now.

Alison said...

You have ah-mazing style, that skirt is the sex!

-ciao bella- said...

absolutely lovely skirt. actually absolutely lovely everything. amazing blog- i'm linking you.

Bojana said...

Fuck, how the hell do you find such cheap vintage clothing? Anything vintage is so expensive here, and most of the time not pretty.
I love that polka dot skirt, fiftiiiiiies aaah I want it haha

coco said...

you have quite a collection
i love it all
especially the pink jumper

molly said...

those vintage dresses + that fur coat = sooooooooo divine im almost drooling

molly said...

man i know! and the other choices were thin chicks too...but not as thin as her

jayne said...

ooo! don't kill me, but i actually have never thrifted... but i feel like i must try it after i saw that black tunic dress and the fab clutches you have :) ill have to scope out what MN has hmm, i believe there's a store called via's vintage, worth a look, no? any tips? i hear that it can a mess and you just need the right attitude, i'll try.

yea MJ's clothes rocked, even if the movie was stellar, i did adore the pencil skirts, and i wish i could make omlets w/ james too! haha, the only faux pas was that orange dress that matched her hair...ugg or should i say fugg

hey do you want to swap links? j'aime ta blog (haha, what's the word for blog in french)?

kf said...

that pink sweatshirt is absolutely phenomenal.

i live by thrifting.