Sunday, April 01, 2007

There Is No Such Thing As An Insignificant Enemy

Personally, I thought the new James Bond movie, Casino Royale, was the shit. Absolutely loved it. The new James was hot, convincing and didn't rely on solely on gadgets.

Some people disagree, but then again, some people also don't like icecream, which in book, is a CRIME! What normal person (that isn't lactose intolerant) doesn't like icecream?

But anyway, this post is meant to be about the best Bond girl ever, Vesper Lynd as played by Eva Green, she is smart, sassy and just plain awesome. Eva Green has pretty cool style also.

Okay, so sometime her hair is a little bit bizarre and huge (see middle picture), and her choices aren't exactly obvious, but she has a whole crazy avant garde European thing happening and it suits her. Sometimes I think it is better for stars to do their own thing and be a bit hit and miss rather than be so perfect and boring all the time. Individuality is a good thing.


molly said...

i havent seen it yet! but i will soon, i promise. it definitely looks good

ashley.heaton said...

i loved that movie, and eva and daniel are both so gorgeous. thanks for linking to me btw, i'll link you back :)

jayne said...

that movie is amazing! the best james bond film ever, i don't think they can top it! and actually now that i think about it, daniel craig is the best james bond ever- and he is super ripped ;)

although i dunno if i like eva greene's style, but at least she is daring! i hope her career doesn't slump after this, typically bond girls don't do very well post-vond, but she does have talent sooo

MOLLY GRAY said...

they both are gorgeous!!..
+molly g.+

Emma said...

he is goooooooooooooorgeous.and yeah eva green is pretty cool even though her hair is wacked out

-ciao bella- said...

saw the movie. was practically drooling the whole time over the new james bond. xx

Alison said...

i loooved the new bond movies
daniel craig is soo hot *drool*

La Principessa said...

Eva Green is fabulous--if you can handle a beautiful-but-somewhat-disturbing movie, she's amazing in The Dreamers.

MOLLY GRAY said...

u should put picture of u.. it would be nice..
i changed the looks of my blogger.. come check it out and tell me what u think.
+molly g.+