Monday, April 02, 2007

You Don't Really Know A Song Until You Hear It Live

If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say...Come Sit by Me (Emma!), tagged the whole blogosphere to reveal 7 songs they are listening to right now:
Yeah. It's not the most exciting list, but I'm not bullshitting either. I actually do listen to these songs all the time.

1. Spidersong by Say Anything
Great, great band. Visionary. Their album is kinda of like a crazy rock opera. The lead singer has bipolar disorder. It's insane (though not literally). My favourite line is 'You've got the moves, the shoes, the 'do, you've got me'. Yes, that is the title of the post below. You caught me.

2. Lovecats by The Cure

Catchiest song of all time. No really. Its all cool jazzy music and sing along fun. The Cure are incredible. My greatest wish would probably to see this song performed live. But that ain't never gonna happen. Still best line is 'We should have each for tea, huh, we should have each with cream'

3. Inmates by The Good Life
So lovely, a perfect song. The lyrics are amazing and really heartfelt. The genius of The Good Life mixed with the amazingly beautiful voice of Jiha Lee, anyone who like The Postal Service, Rilo Kiley, Death Cab for Cutie, even Tim Kasher's 'day job' the Cursive, should listen to this. Trust me, you will instantly fall in love. An incredibly moving song.

4. Called by Antiskeptic

I just love this song. It always makes me feel great, without a doubt the perfect non-alcoholic pick-me-up (so many dashes). Antiskeptic are an Australian punk band and are really really fun to listen to.

5. We Are The End by Alexisonfire

Possibly the best song off of their new CD Crisis. Its so so so so good. Really powerful and awesome. Hopefully I will be lucky enough to see them when they come to Australia in May. Best lyric: ' Look around, there's no affection, only infection'. Topical.
So yeah, that's about it except for my daily obsession with pop songs such as Justin Timberlakes 'My Love' and Good Charlottes 'Keep Your Hands Off My Girl'. Ooooh, and also the fact that Pete Wentz's voice is infectious like the plague and I like to sing Destiny's Child 'Say My Name' in the shower.


ashley heaton said...

ooh i love the cure.

jayne said...

i love the cure too, but oddly i have never heard that song, it is quite fun :)

and thanks for introducing me to the good life, i love all of the bands you compared them too, so i'll have to check them out!

overall, you have a super ecletic taste in music!

alluretone said...

the only say anything song i've heard is alive with the glory of love- good song. good charlotte has a new album out? they were my first concert. good times.

-ciao bella- said...

i love say anything. great music xx

Emma said...

hey, that's me!
great selections, you've got cool taste.
will absolutely try out the good life, as i LOVE rilo kiley and the postal service (but not so much death cab).
nobody else i know listens to rilo k.
what's your favorite song of theirs?

MOLLY GRAY said...

i love the first one.. amazing info.. i didn't know all that stuff..
+molly g.+

Poshhh said...

i love your blog,
and you're from australia too?
awesome, you're the first one i've found.
want to exchange links?

maya said...

i love the cure so much. I've been listening to them loads at the moment so maybe it's a very cure-ish time.

alexgirl said...

I agree with you and Emma that Rilo KIley is AMAZING but nobody listens to them. Maybe that's why they broke up (so sad for me). Science v. Romance is good, but Better Son/Daughter is my other fave by them.

And I LOVE the Cure. LoveCats is a great song. Lullaby is an awesome song, and Boys Don't Cry.

I haven't heard of a lot of these other bands though, I'll have to check 'em out.
ps-I sing "say my name" in the shower too! lol

Emma said...

oh my god i so kow what you mean about guys refusing to listen to rilo k. because the lead singer was a girl.
i was trying to sell the merits of regina spektor to two of my guy friends the other day and they just looked at each other and explained, "dude, if we wanted to hear chicks sing about their problems we would have girlfriends."
i was pissed, but i have to admit it was kind of awesome.

alexgirl said...

Maybe they didn't officially "break up" but I kinda think they did after their last album. Jenny Lewis is doing her own thing with the Watson Twins (which I'm not a huge fan of), and then the other guy (or multiple guys?) formed The Elected (which is an awesome, awesome band). So i guess they don't have time for RK anymore, or something. So sad. But if I'm wrong and they come out with another album, then hallelujah!
woo hoo.

F.M. said...

Yes to the Cure; Lovecats is that guilty indulgence track that makes me hit the dancefloor.