Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wisdom Is What's Left After We Have Run Out Of Personal Opinions

AHAHAHAHA! It's a good thing then that I haven't run out of personal opinions, because I'm not old enough to be wise. However, I am old enough to vote, to drink (here in Australia), to drive and to be put in jail for drinking in public. Which is where I have been for the past couple of weeks. Not really but that would be a fairly epic excuse for not posting enough.

After the frivolity of the last post concerning the Olsen Twins (many opinions were put forward but the consensus says 'You aren't sexy enough, Olsen Twins), it's back to business.
I began this blog in order to share thoughts and ideas about fashion, culture and personality. I needed to convince myself that the most important thing in many people's lives wasn't whether Ford was or is better than Holden. I don't care. I'm interested in how clothes can change things, how they make people feel and how they can contribute to a person's sense of self.

For example, here are some of my icons. They are not necessarily style icons (although most of them are). It's more that I admire their views on life, how they do things and the type of person they try to be.

First of all is an easy call. Jean Seberg is awesome. She led a varied life and often felt as though she didn't fit in or know what her place was. She was thrust into the spotlight in the film 'Saint Joan' and made another 33 films in both America and France. Her short life was one filled with grief and tragedy but she always tried to help the disadvantaged, she was an advocate for the right of both African American and Native Americans. For this she was considered a threat to America. She stood up for what she believed was right, no matter how depressed she was in her private life. That is true strength.
Style-wise, she dressed in a simple manner that let her true beauty shine through.

Elsa Schiaparelli was another true original. She is responsible for many of the things we take for granted in the world of fashion: zips that are same colour as fabrics, shoulder pads and animal prints. She was bold and avant garde and unapologetically herself. This, I admire her greatly for.

And finally (this may cause some controversy), I admire Cory Kennedy. And not just for her clothes. I would love to have her carefree take on life where every day is a party. Despise me if you must but in some respects, I think that everyone should be a little bit more like Cory.

The next installation of my 'People who Inspire Me' series will focus on people who are fictional characters/characterisations i.e. not real people.


ambika said...

Definitely an eclectic mix of icons; I like how very different eras are represented by people who have more in common than they realize.

Emma said...

Fab post, you have very interesting and different icons.

The Stiletto Effect said...

very good post :)

Bojana said...

Cory Kennedy was fun at the beginning, but now she's getting done...everyday-partying doesn't do you good. She lookks so unhealthy and fucked up , in a sad way, most of the time.

And seriously, someone shoul tell her to take a shower or comb her hair

Iheartfashion said...

I'm with you all the way on Jean Seberg: that hair, that style!
Cory Kennedy, on the other hand...I think most teenagers, given the money, connections, and opportunity, would party all the time too. So I don't find her that original. My friends and I spent our teenage years going out, doing drugs and experimenting with fashion, and that's without Jeremy Scott for a best friend.

-ciao bella- said...

cool post, i like cory kennedy (sometimes i guess) but mainly because she's really laid back and not uptight at all

jayne said...

wow, like emma said, you do have unique icons, which is definitely cool. as much as i love audrey hepburn, it does get old to see her on everyones lists, so yours is refreshing! and as for cory kennedy, i started to actually look at her blog (i say look because i am not a devoted reader, look as in, to see what she was all about- i am actually kinda slow on these internet fads, i just discovered perez hilton haha, love it!) kinda after she slighlty over. from what i've seen so far, i'm not really impressed. she kinda dresses like a hobo (and the shit she puts together for nylon magazine is totally ridiculous!), and where are her parents!? every single night is a party, isn't she supposedly in highschool? when does she have time to even go, she probably shows up hungover most days. it's really odd that she's just one of the many crazy partiers yet she so famous for it, i'd hate to see what will happen when she is forced to grow up and loses her celeb-esque status, ugly. i'm not knocking on you for liking her, but i'm no fan of her. can't wait for the next list!

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very intresting to read :)

ashley heaton said...

great post, i love all of them. and honestly, regarding the olsens, i don't think you need to be "sexy" to be a style icon, if anything too much "sexiness" makes someone look less chic! i think they look great regardless.
ps you've been tagged...

Shelby said...

Jean Seberg is made of so much win. You've seen Breathless, right? So much great style! Gamine hair, skinny pants, etc. And her gangster lover cleans up quite well too.