Sunday, August 12, 2007

Heroes Take Journeys, Confront Dragons and Discover The Treasure Of Their True Selves.

This Saturday was perhaps the best night ever. Maybe. No, definately. Going away parties, birthdays and sweet, sweet cocktails all in one night. Best night ever, mega thanks to all involved. Now to the clothes:

Thrift store finds, below is a collage of a select few. My op shopping is heaps out of control at the moment, I had to clean out my wardrobe because there was no place to put all of the things I was buying.

Clockwise, starting top left: maroon 70's Target dress, green muu muu with huge pink flowers, shades of purple trapeze dress, silver brocade 60's dress.

Clockwise, from top left: Sussan 80's black knitted jumper dress with gold, yellow shift dress, 80's highwaisted darkish jeans, 60's cream shift dress with self belt and side buttons. Centre: Jazz white wedges with red, yellow, green and blue.

As I mentioned this is a select few, maybe 1 weeks worth. Maybe.... I'll put the others up at a later date.

Finally, I'd like to discuss my latest obsession: wardrobe_remix on flickr. In particular, two yound and completely inspirational ladies. The first is lebonbonmulticoloure. She wears vintage in the most unexpected ways and always looks completely modern and herself. She never looks like is trying to hard and that is such a difficult thing to achieve. She is one of the founders of an awesome street fashion blog as well, MTL Street.

The other is liebemarlene. Her look is a lot sweeter and softer and I wish that I could pull this sort of thing off. I really admire her use of knee socks. She also has blog called Liebemarlene Vintage from which you can access her amazing ebay store.

That is all, for another week or so.


*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

gosh i love your thrift finds they are amazing! especially the jazz wedges i really want them!

ambika said...

I've seen that yellow *everywhere* and am so envious you found a thrift version.

jayne said...

oo love that yellow shift and those shoes! you have awesome taste, can't wait to see the rest of your finds!

thanks for the street style recommendations, i could always use some insipiration and distraction ;)

Christine said...

love that silver brocade dress. WHY is there no good vintage clothing in this whole city WHY WHY!?

Isabel said...

I love everything you bought, especially the high waisted jeans. I want! Oh man, those are two stylish ladies you posted about. Fabulous outfits, fabulous!

Emma said...

God, I'm sure you've heard this before, but you have unbelievable taste!

Aisha said...

I absolutely LOVE the shoes!.

I also like the third street style =)


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