Thursday, August 02, 2007

If You Were A True Friend, You'd Burn My Butt. C'mon, Brand Me, Brand Me, Brand Me.

Remember when it was cool to sport a logo? Those were the days... Still are the days for some people. Me? I can't take it seriously, in a ways it's such an ego thing. However, of late the L.A. hipsters have been wearing logos again, albeit in an ironic manner and usually vintage. It doesn't matter, it's still an ego thing.

From a pyschological perspective, why do people want to be branded, to be affiliated with a particular label? Is it a need to be associated with a particular group or section of society? I don't understand it.
On the other hand I love purple, I also love these three photos.

Girl gets it so right. Loose fitting shirt + multiple necklaces + high-waisted non-pornographic shorts = AWESOME!! Yeah, thats right the next person I see wearing shorts that are either a) too short or b) completely wrong for their body shape is in serious trouble.

This whole outfit is too die for. Purple satin skirt, here I come.

And finally this weird girl from Cobrasnake, so many colours and yet it works. Damn these people and their rule breaking. It needs to stop.


ambika said...

My friend Andrea said this just the other day: "You should pay ME to be your walking billboard." Ironic or not, it's never been my thing.

LOVE that last picture. I'm so getting burgundy and cobalt and other crazy colors in tights for this fall.

Gloria said...

that second to last photo? Amazing.

Emma said...

Christ, I want that skirt with a flying passion.

WendyB said...

LOVE the purple skirt.

Isabel said...

Ooh, I am going through a purple phase right now as well. It's perfect! The branding in these pictures doesn't really bother me - only when lame blonde girls have a Louis Vuitton handbag with Chanel sunglasses etc. does it start to get obnoxious.

Maddy said...

That girl wears the satin Prada skirt better than anybody else I've seen in it yet. Beautiful!

jayne said...

eww logos, i thought we were done with that, that was so 80s...i remember i did a story for the school newspaper on 80s fashion trends and talked to some of my teachers about how they remembered the 80s they had some great embarassing pictures haha, but they all told me they hated the logo thing so i hope it's not back, it just a way to put others down who can't afford the logo

love those 3 pics and your description of the shorts as "nonpornographic" hehe