Monday, August 27, 2007

What She Lacks In Age, She Makes Up For In Madness.

A long, long post ago, I discussed some people who inspired me, not just style but the way that they approached life. I also promised to share the fictional characters that also inspire and finally.... ta da! Here it is.

The first character is one that I have loved for as long as I can remember. It's Madeline. She can pooh-pooh a tiger like nobody's business. I love her French schoolgirl chic and her cute little socks. Oh, how I love socks!

The second would have to be Leeloo, the fifth element... from the movie, The Fifth Element. A little bit of a strange choice, I know, but hear me out. She has just arrived from another planet, she is scared and a little lost. She is so fragile and childlike, and is amazed by many things that she sees.. I wish that people could never lose that, that little things like a field of flowers or the sound of rain on the roof could always be as magical as it when you were a child.

However, she is also headstrong and can kick some serious butt. I love her vibrant orange hair (which kind of reminds me of the lovely GalaDarling with her beautiful, ever-changing colourful hair) and I swear that Milla Jovovich is the only actress who can a) pull off an orange, holey over the shoulder thing and b) make me want one. I'm totally into orange at the moment.

For my third choice, I am probably going to have to break down and confess my love for one of the worst movies of all time… The Babysitters Club Movie. I have to say that while the Babysitters Club all have their faults (including some fashion tragedies) Anne M Martin has created a bunch of girls that if melded altogether could be the perfect teenager.

In this photo montage, I like Mary-Anne's pinafore and socks, the plaids in the centre and on the right, Mary-Annes on trend bob and nameplate necklace.

Oh, the clashing patterns, vests and terrible hair. This also kind of reminds me of the A/W 06/07 Marc by Marc Jacobs collection, with the muted, dirty prints, vests and overall sullen teenager feel.

Independent, funky, resilient, shy, girly, quirky, elegant and outrageous are all words that could be bandied out but what I most admire these characters for is their sense of friendship and ‘three-musketeers-ism’. There isn’t enough of it in the world today, with girls/women calling each other ho’s and bitches at the drop of a hat, using any excuse to tear each other down. It’s kinda sad.

Well, that’s my teary 'why can't everyone be friends' speech for today. I also do realise that none of these characters is probably an obvious style icon, but isn’t style about recognising inspiration in the most unlikely of places?


jayne said...

i love madeline! i have an urban outfitters t-shirt w/ her one it :) hehe

Maddy said...

My name is Madeline... although I rejected all things bearing my predecessor's image when I was a small girl, I have recently come to love her brave and independent spirit... and her socks.