Friday, September 07, 2007

Five Ways To 'Spice' Up An Outfit

Also titled: How not to look like a clone.

1. Ties, ties, ties (or any other kind of neck adornment)
These have been huge lately. Lots and lots of people have been talking about ties, bowties, neckties... Personally though I'd love to see a cravat.

2. Clash!
Clash colours or prints. Anything you want. Stripy shorts and spotty tights, red with purple and yellow. It's all about colour, people.

3. Add a corsage.
One of my new favourite, the corsage is a little bit (okay, a lot) like Sex in the City SJP but it also has cool ribbon and tulle involved. So it's better. Trust me.

4. Tights and socks.
The perfect fall/winter trend. I mean if Cory Kennedy has done it, shouldn't we all jump on the bandwagon.
5. Lipstick.
Lipstick is the new mascara. Get used to it.


jayne said...

ooo ties! good ideas :)

dusk&summer said...

love these ideas

Isabel said...

Yes! It is high time to ressurect ties from their Avril Lavigne/sk8er boi grave!

ashley heaton said...

i agree about ties - i've been eyeing bowties for a while now - and lipstick, both definitely need to make a comeback.

also - i have several new public posts up at the new blog!

Maddi said...

Your purple and blue blog colors make an interesting fashion statement!

I was wondering if you thought I was too young to model. I would appreciate your thoughts.



molly said...

you have unbelievably great style

too bad avril lavigne ruined ties
most people associate them with her