Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It Is In Spending Oneself That One Becomes Rich.

I'm constantly looking for something new, something that will satisfy my quest for knowledge. Lately, I've been fascinated with the class systems that are present in many different countries, both distinct and subtle. The English class system is particularly interesting. But wait, before you leave the page thinking I'm going to bore you, there is a fashion slant to this. In particular, looking at the American class system.

In previous decades, instead of celebrities as we know them today, the masses instead had film stars (much more refined) and socialites. Socialites were a graceful, refined breed and were very, very chic. Need some proof?

Left to right: CZ Guest, Babe Paley & Dorothy Hearst.

Babe Paley again. Smoking is not cool in anyway, but this has to be the chic-est picture ever. The red lips, the pale blue, the masses and masses of jewellry, its a simply beautiful picture.

That was then. The socialites now though, I'm a bit more doubtful about. Lydia Hearst, Tinsley Mortimer, Fabiola Beracasa, Arden Wohl, Olivia Palermo, their style is at best, okay. I don't know perhaps they don't wear enough jewellry.

For more information on fascinating American socialiates past and present visit - Park Avenue Peerage and also the New York Social Diary.


Isabel said...

Socialites are so insignificant these days. To me, at least. I don't respect anyone who doesn't earn their fame through talent. Tinsley Mortimer is such an...eww. She's just gross.

Emma said...

Jesus, your blog is brilliant.
Ditto what Isabel said.

The Clothes Horse said...

I think the socialites today aren't icons because they lack class and chic. They want attention more than they want personal style. Class style is fascinating.

ambika said...

What everyone else has said. The socialites of today aren't even half as fascinating as Babe Paley or Slim Keith were.

Besides which, they're very rarely responsible for their own look. Just bleh.

deexdeexdreamer said...

I was addicted to Socialite Rank back in the day,(the tinsley vs olivia thing was so tense it verged on political!) and my gossip-loving heathen soul still lurves PAP, but socialite fashion is kind of sterile and branded...

But its their charisma that can make them iconic
ps. 'course, no tinsely could be edie!