Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Better A Diamond With A Flaw Than A Pebble Without One

Within the past five years or so, there has been an increase in the amount of attention given to vintage clothing by the masses. Vintage became a trend. This also coincided with the rise of eBay. In short, lots of premium vintage clothing started being sold on eBay and because lots of people are interested in buying it, the bids just keep on climbing.

Sometimes, it hardly seems worth it. I find myself thinking over and over again, 'It's nice, but it's not that nice.' However, the convenience of buying clothes online and having access to vintage from all over the globe is pretty hard to go by. So I thought that I would showcase a few of my favourite online vintage stores that are not eBay affiliated so you can 'buy it now'!

Adore Vintage was one of the first online stores that featured pretty people-centric photography. Rodellee (buyer/owner) has a great eye and definately favours dresses. They also have great forums. However, as this store has become increasingly popular, the prices have also increased. It's important to remember though that the prices don't change and no one can outbid you, so if you are sure that it is what you want, it might be cheaper than eBay in the long run.

Note: When I went to Adore Vintage, there wasn't really much that I really loved, so all of these items are from the sold apparel list. If they've sold stuff this good before....

Another oldy but a goody. Don't be put off by the dodgy photography or the un-flashiness of the website, Rusty Zipper has a lot of great, great stuff. All it takes is a bit of imagination... I like to look at the long sixties and seventies dresses and see what they would look like cut off. Dresses are usually around $30.00, which isn't too bad for gems like this that just need a bit of work.

I know it doesn't look like much but it has a wine red velvet bodice with a heavy cream satin skirt. Cut off the bottom and it is a perfect holiday dress.

Other winners include:

This adorable jockey shirt/hat print dress from Saks. Again it is hard to really get excited about these sort of dresses because the photos aren't styled, but I think that something like this would easily sell on one of the bigger ebay sites for about $60. This is 1/2 the price...

The other great thing about Rusty Zipper is the sheer volume of clothing. There are more than 1 000 dresses!! So there is no checking back weekly to see if there is something more your style.

Dorothy and Evelyn

A bit pricier (but in $AU)! but just as great a range as Rusty Zipper. Dorothy and Evelyn has pieces sourced from all over the world and is my new obsession. I just have to find something I love that is under $150.00. I've always had expensive taste.

Some of my favourites.

Gorgeous ivy print dress... It's been sold though...

Really, really lovely dress... $89.95

Dorothy and Evelyn also has a currency converter, really detailed measurements and a cute thing where it brings up other clothes that would look good with the piece you are looking at.

So there you go, there are some other options (some more affordable than others) rather than waiting for midnight deadlines and the stress of being outbidded at the last minute. Does anyone else know of any good online stores so I can avoid eBay???


Natasha said...

I am a bit torn about the popularity of vintage too. It is definitely easier to find great things on the net, but it is more expensive too! Years ago I was often the only bidder and scored great dresses for less than $10. I miss that!

The Clothes Horse said...

I love vintage but I really hate the rising prices online and in stores. I can't afford modern clothes that cost that much!

Aisha said...

ooh vintage!
how could not love it?

winner said...

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