Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Fear Is The Mother Of Foresight

I'll mention about it again... Every single time that Australian Fashion Week comes around I get a little scared. It's no wonder that people think that Australians are clueless when it comes to fashion/style. This year produced more of the same boring, regurgitated piffle... that's right, I said it, piffle!
The only bright spot (for me) was Therese Rawsthorne's use of Linda Jackson's waratah print in her collection. I love prints that reflect our country's uniqueness without being overly 'tourist-y' or just lame.


ALI RAE said...

I love that floral print dress! And I like the look of your blog as well :)

A dreamer said...

you know, i dont really think it was that much of a piffle. haha. i really liked romance was born and konstantina mittas.and kate sylvester was great too even though she got criticised for the medals.

jackpot said...
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