Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Study The Past If You Would Divine The Future

I got a book a while back that is full of illustrations that appeared in 1920's catalogues. The thing that always amazes me about this decade is the wonderful details of the outfits... just things you wouldn't think of like buttons up the spine of a coat or wonderful pocket embrodiery. The shoes are amazing too.
It also has really 'quaint' phrases like the one above - Correctly priced. I wish things were 'correctly priced' these days. Thirty dollars for what is essentially a plain singlet sometimes feels a little bit ridiculous. Especially when one can't be sure of ethical origins of the garment in question.

I also like how the items all have name as well - the 'Grecian Beauty' Boot. It makes them seem all the more magical. After looking through the book, I made me think about how boring modern catalogues are and how gorgeous clothing looks when it is illustrated.

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