Saturday, June 07, 2008

Did You Ever Feel Like The Whole World Was Going To A Party And Your Invitation Got Lost In The Mail?

Attention all USA residents: my jealousy continues. I found some of (what I think) are the best deals on the internet and they only ship to America. So take the opportunity to profit from my misfortune and behold:

A perfect 1950's toile print dress - starting bid $9.99 US

Bidding ends in 1 day and 19hrs

Get it here:

I WANT IT SO BAD! Sorry about the raised voice but come on!

The second is an elusive double pack of 1950's dresses.

They would be so amazing on and the colours! The colours!

Starting bid at $2.99 US and the bidding ends in 17 hrs and 16 minutes as of right now.

Get it here:

Please, please someone buy them and let them go to a new home.

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