Monday, June 09, 2008

The Longer You Think, The Less You Know What To Do

I completely associate with the Death Cab lyrics above. At the moment, I feel horribly lost. In exactly three days, I will have finished my final exams for my dreaded university degree. This degree was something I went into without a lot of thought. I thought that all I wanted was a job where I could earn a lot of money when I came out, so I went for a business degree.

However, just over half way through I figured out that while I thought that was what I wanted, it really wasn't at all (surprise, surprise...). What I really wanted is a job where I can be creative, a job that I feel fits in with my self concept. While from this blog, I have learnt that I love fashion and writing, those aren't necessarily what I want to pursue. It feels like I'm interested in too many things - fashion, sewing, design, teaching, marketing, journalism... Just not at all interested in what I have a degree in.

I need to make some sort of decision soon about what I want to do next. Anyway, enough with the maudlin self-pity... I got to wear my tuxedo tailed jacket the other day!

Outfit: Jacket (thrift, altered by me), stripy shirt (thrift), frilly aqua vest thing (thrift), jeans (Sportsgirl), heels (Target).


ruby may said...

I know what you mean! I think you should concentrate on how positive the fact that you will have a degree is, and get on with whatever you want to do from now. You don't necessarily need to go to uni either. Also, I feel your pain from a few posts down about american ebay sellers not shipping to Australia. it's the worst!

Très Lola said...

oohh hot! love it :D

Cammila said...

That's a great outfit, very clean and chic. Especially that jacket. Much like you were saying about concert shirts, the small blazers at thrift shops always seem to disappear. I'm so impressed you altered it yourself! I can sew in the side seam on an unlined jacket to make it a wait cincher but that's IT. Taking in a real sportcoat seems like magic!

molly said...

i love your outfit and im sorry you feel so lost

Taghrid said...

i am totally in the same place as you! i just graduated and i have no clue what im supposed to do next. dont worry you will figure it out soon!

i love your outfit that jacket has an amazing back!

Scott Middleton said...

Have a read of a little book called The Tao of Pooh. You can checkout a few quotes.

Just do what you enjoy doing and your world will fall into place.

That Girl said...

Love this outfit.
The tie shirt i wonderful with it. I love this idea!