Monday, June 23, 2008

You're About As Edgy As A Satsuma

Oh, I promised outfits... And I lied. I do have one from the trip, the outfit I wore on the first day of travelling but the rest were not captured because I forgot to charge my camera battery. Which also means I suck.

I wore - stripy shirt (thrifted), black skirt (homemade), blue tights (Grab), white socks (?), black low heeled shoes (Valleygirl), necklaces (thrifted). This is also the first time my glasses have made an appearance..However, I managed to track down some other photos from another night out that was on my friends myspace/facebook. This means that these are never seen before photos. Hopefully this will suffice.

This outfit I wore to one of my best friend's 21st. Dress - Dotti, white dress (under) - homemade, jackets - Tightrope, tights (the bottom orange is the right colour) - Grab, socks - ?, shoes - thrifted). Looking at this I can sort of see the formula that I have been employing lately to get dressed.


Addiction Treatment said...

lol , you dont look too bad ;)

Raggamuffin said...

doesnt stripes looks good with anything?! u look stunning dun worry :)

Fashion-Obsessed! said...

Hey, i really love the first outfit, i love how you pair socks with tights, it's very unique. Great blog. want to trade links if you like mine?

The Clothes Horse said...

Great outfits. I really like the first one, your glasses add a nice geek-chic touch to the look. You also pull of that socks on stockings combination extremely well, I'm afraid my legs will look stumpy if I attempt.

The Collector said...

I'm loving coloured tights at the moment!

That Girl said...

Great Tights