Monday, July 14, 2008

A Bad Word Whispered Will Echo One Hundred Miles

It seems that I have finally approached the 100 post mark. This is a little bit embarrassing especially since I started blogging ages and ages ago. I have to remind myself though that I did neglect the blog a little (a lot!) when I was going through some personal issues. But here I am!

The lovely Marianne over at Esme and the Lane Way was kind enough to include me as one of her picks for this award -

The rules for passing on the award are as follows:

1) When received, you may post the premio to your blog.

2) Link to the blogger you received it from

3) Give it to 7 blogs

4)… link to those 7 blogs

5)…and leave those seven bloggers a comment about receiving the brilliant premio.

Now, I'm giving this award to people who I a) really enjoy reading their posts and b) think that they are an important part of the blogging community - this means that they give comments as well as receive them. The reason why I starting blogging was because I loved the idea of a group of like minded people coming together to discuss interested them.

So here are my picks -

1) The Clothes Horse - She is a giver! Great posts which never fail to discuss something interesting relating to clothing/self-image and she also never fails to comment back and share ideas.

2) Esme and the Laneway - She is my favourite new Aussie blogger. Between the DIY and her boundless enthusiasm, I check back everyday.

3) Sally Jane Vintage - Great clothing, I love her how to wear things four different ways posts and her constant ability to find more and more girl crushes for me to style stalk.

4) Skylark and Son - Thrift/garage sale queen. Who I want to be when I grow up ; )

5) AUSstyle - Another great Australian who never fails to write an interesting post or leave a thought provoking comment.

6) Fops and Dandies - I only really just discovered this amazing blog (yes, I'm embarassed) and I love it!

7) Plain Jayne - Her posts are always amazing and original.

So these are my picks and I hope that you go and visit them!


Skye said...

Ooh thank you so much for thinking of me! It might take me a while to come up with an onward journey for this, but I will.

The Clothes Horse said...

Aw, thanks so much! Your blog totally deserves this award.

jayne said...

merci beaucoup! i really appreciate that you thought of me considering I went kind of MIA on reading/commenting on your blog (once again I'm sorry about that ugg). And I really like why you picked me, amazing and original, are two great adjectives to have tagged to a blog :) I will try to be amazing & original always haha ;) I'll do this post today, it will be fun honoring other awesome bloggers. I agree with you, that part of the reason I joined the blogosphere was so I could find a great thinktank for all of my interests. now i no longer feel a gap in discussions about my interests because i have new friends who cover my every whim

jayne said...

oh I just read your mary poppins post and you're right, she is rather fashionable, i've never thought of her that way though, but thanks for opening up my eyes to that :) your mary outfit you put together was great

lc said...

don't be embarrassed, i just discovered your blog, too, via your comment! but i love it already; i'm going to read your archives now. and thanks so much for the award!

esme and the lane way said...

Thanks again, I'm very flattered! I read your blog everyday, too.

Sally Jane said...

Thanks so much for including me. You're super sweet to do so! :)

yiqin; said...

Lovely. All the bloggers deserve it :)

A dreamer said...

:) thanks for tagging. i'll get around to it sooner of later.