Thursday, July 24, 2008

Names Are Not What They Seem

Sometimes I look at other peoples blog names and I think "Well, I probably should have thought mine though a little bit more." Probably because it seems to have nothing to do with fashion - I added the fashion explosion bit to give people more of an idea. Some of my favourite fashion related blog names are:

Fashion Hayley Hits Home - It just sounds cool, and vibrant. You also know who writes it and what it is about. Genius. This also kind of fits into my second category.
The Clothes Horse - Simple, elegant and it's fairly obvious about what it is about.

Thrills and Frills - Cute and fun and you also get the idea that it's not just a shopping blog but a little bit personal too.

Then there are the names where the title is the name/screen name of the person. This is a good idea too because you don't necessarily have to stick to fashion but it gives you a strong 'brand' that you can establish (this probably isn't people's intention but what I mean is someone always knows its you when you are commenting and you have a very distinct styles). Blog names that fit more into this category are -

Lady Melbourne - I love her blog, it's well written and beautifully photographed.

Smaggle Style - Smaggle is such a great word. Lady Smaggle smaggles you. It's infectious (but not in a bad way like a disease).

Liebemarlene - Again, this is used in her flickr, eBay, blog etc. It's cute and it gives a nod to her heritage.

My name Strike Match probably fits better in the second category but it's not particularly personal nor do I see Strike Match as sort of my persona. It's simply a phrase that seemed to come up in songs by some of my favourite bands (Thursday (Jet Black New Year) and some Alexisonfire songs.

It also seemed like a 'fast, explosive, exciting' sort of phrase if that makes sense. After writing this, its funny how names do feel sort of personal. I'm interested to hear the stories of other people's name too, if you're interested in sharing.

Also, this dancing in the rain is kind of addictive...

It is raining (you just can't see it in the picture) and I am soaked but having fun! My favourite dress ever - thrift, navy gym leggings - thrift, white shoes of goodness - thrift.


sydneydoll said...

i like the tights.

no joke i have bought every colour of tights.

Skye said...

I can see why that dress is your favourite - it's adorable and really suits you too.

My blog title is pretty self explanatory I guess - my name is Skye and I go by Skylark on some internet forums. Skylarks are sweet little birds, and also British space rockets from the 50s and 60s, and skylarking just means mucking around and being a little bit badly behaved in a fun way. The "and Son" part is because my little dude is a big part of my life and influences what I wear at this time in my life, and it's a nod to Steptoe and Son which was an old TV show about a pair of junk dealers - and I love finding gems among the junk!

Emma said...

that tight colour is really wonderful!

esme and the lane way said...

The naming thing was quite hard – I took a few weeks with mine, though I knew it wasn't going to cover everything I wanted it too. I like how we get used to them so quickly, and soon they are a sound that we understand, rather than individuals words.

Amber said...

That dress is fab! And I really think the navy leggings go very well with it. And of course! I love your etsy store! Hopefully I can snag a lovely dress someday! I'm a bit bigger than all those tiny vintage sizes though

Skye said...

I've already written a mini essay there above, but I must let you know that I've tagged you for an award over on my blog...

The Collector said...

The colours in this dress are amazing and the detail from what I can work out is intricate. You look cute.

I don't like my blog name anymore... but I'm not really looking at establishing a brand or online persona so it doesn't matter. It's really just a record of my outfits, but for others to enjoy too.

Your blog name is really cool btw.

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

it is so cool.i wish i am poart of your list

Times of Glory said...

Adding "a fashion explosion" is really cool! I guess, as the blog grows, we notice many things that may be a bit different from what we initially thought. Your dress is seriously sweet! Dancing in rain is really romantic xxxxxxxx

Hannah said...

that's such a cute dress.

my blog name came from my name on a forum with inspired me to blog, only in french.

plus i like the word love in french (amour), and therefore required it in the moment! ahah.

i love your little tunic. it's so mamas and papas, if you know what i mean. gorgeous 70s, but updated.

Marmalade Wombat said...

haha i was just thinking of doing a post on names (not blog names though) but names and the morality of not remembering people's names in real life.

anyways, your outfit is amazing. Those are some wicked thrift finds. About the rain - it's so difficult to photograph. In "Singin' in the rain", they put milk into the fake rain so that it would show up on camera. you need an intern to pour milk on you through a watering can :P

rohit said...


you are fantastic!!!

a kiss for you, my dear friend!

god bless u dear

can we exchange our link

r u ready to do?

The Clothes Horse said...

I think part of the reason I took awhile to start blogging was deciding on the name. And when I told my family, they all said, "how appropriate."
I think the name strike.match and the explosive potential possibility is quite cool.
I love that dress. The collar is fantastic. Makes me want to go thrift shopping!

fashion herald said...

love the tights with the dress, and i think your blog's name is unusual and unique.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Love the way you paired your fun 70's print dress with those colored tights. Thanks for your comment ^_^ as well, so sweet. xx

Tara said...

I distressed over my blog title too (Nothing Elegant)...but decided that it suited my self-effacing style. Love your writing -- keep it up!
Can we link?

Vintage Vinyl said...

You look so great in this photo, and the outfit is amazing! The dress is gorgeous.
I like the name of your blog, and I think about that too, maybe I should have named it something different, but hey! It's unique and that is what matters.
Want to swap links?

Missa said...

I like the name Strike.Match, it has a nice amount of edge to it.

When I started Thrift Candy I was imagining it as a place where I would show my thrift finds and post about thrifting related stuff, but then I started posting on w_r shortly after and it kind of morphed into more of a personal style blog. I guess that's just what I'm into.

I like having the constraints of the thrifting theme though. It keeps me focused and it's fun to come up with ways of posting things while still having them relate to thrifting.

As for the name, it just came to me when I was mulling over what to call my blog. It's a play on the term "eye candy" and also relates to sweet finds and thrifted goodies and how thrifting makes me feel "like a kid in a candystore." Sometimes I feel like I could have come up with a better name, but it sounds like that's pretty common :)

I like your blog and also wanted to let you know that you are my 100% Thrifted Pick of the Week over at Thrift Candy :)

elisabeth said...

i absolutely love that dress and how perfect it goes with the navy tights!:)

Lady Smaggle said...

Oh I'm so glad you get the meaning of Smaggle! It's a hybrid between a smash and a snuggle. Like when something is so cute you just want to beat the shit out it. Like that scene in Punch Drunk Love where Adam Sandler is sharing the most beautiful moment with Emily can't remember her last name and he is lying on top of her in bed and he says so softly 'You're so beautiful... I just want to smash your face in'. Thanks for saying lovely things about me... it makes me all blushy!