Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sometimes I've Believed As Many As Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

Tags, tags, tags. I have two and I've been tagged by Fashion Haley, AUS Style and According to Te. The first is the seven songs one, that has been floating around, usually attached to a season. I guess then mine would be Winter...

Seven Songs of Winter
  1. Dorothy At Forty - Cursive - Best concept for a song ever. What would Dorothy Gale be doing when she was forty? How could life get any better after Oz?
  2. Black Wave/Bad Vibrations - Arcade Fire - In my opinion, best song off Neon Bible. I used to listen it driving home from late night lectures last winter.
  3. Wake The Dead - Comeback Kid - Comeback Kid, how I love you.
  4. Walking With A Ghost - White Stripes (cover) - Tegan and Sara are great, but Jack White is one of the most stylish men alive and I love how theatrical this cover is.
  5. Saves The Day - Hold - Just a pretty song.
  6. Napoleon Solo - At The Drive In - I've been listening to a lot of At The Dri ve In lately as well as The Mars Volta because I had the privilege of seeing them live and it reminded me how insanely good they are.
  7. Sink Florida Sink - Against Me! - My latest band obsession.

I'm lazy for making links but just copy and paste and go to Songza. They will be able to look after you. You can even make a playlist.

The next one is a bit more difficult. Six unimportant things about me. What makes something unimportant??? I need some criteria! I'm just listing stupid, random things, hopefully the tag police don't come after me.

  1. I have a weird quirk of always making up funny little songs about things. Usually what is going on around me. In Australia, our high-definition channels don't have ads, just these pictures of places around Australia with jazz music playing in the background. I enjoy making up songs related to the picture, to the tune of the music. My boyfriend just thinks I'm crazy. It's fun, you guys should totally try it.
  2. I cut my own hair. I just don't trust hairdressers and I have a general (and unwarranted) loathing of them. I don't know why, they are probably nice people. I also cut my friends hair and my boyfriends hair (he doesn't like hairdressers either).
  3. I am a connoisseur (I had to use the Word dictionary to get the right spelling) of crumbed steak. I'm not even really that into meat but I can tell you where to get the best crumbed steak in seven different cities.
  4. Another music related thing. I do a lot of driving because my boyfriend lives over the other side of town. Sometimes when I'm really bored when driving, I put on the classical music channel on the radio and pretend that it's a soundtrack to what I'm doing.
  5. I am completely in love with Noel Fielding.
  6. I'm addicted to buying and hoarding fabric. I'm sure I'll use it all someday but really I think my dream is to have a big pile of different colours, textures and patterns that I can dive into.

So yeah, now you know how strange I really am. Please don't stop reading. I also tag Lady Smaggle. Other than that, I think that most people have been tagged but hey if you want to please feel free. It's really fun!


A dreamer said...

yeh i like listening to really dramatic songs and pretending that its the soundtrack to what i'm doing too! lol
i have no idea what any of the songs you mentioned are... "-.-
i must look them up...

a cat of impossible colour said...

I sense an Alice in Wonderland theme to the titles of your last two posts ... :) It's awesome.

I do the making-up-songs-to-the-nondescript-jazz thing too! I'm glad someone else does. Although it's pictures of New Zealand over here, naturally.

The Clothes Horse said...

Really fun facts. I like to play music too and think about how if my life was a movie this song would fit so perfectly! I don't think I've ever had crumbed steak...what does that entail?

Amber said...

Dorthy at Forty is such a fabulous song.

Oh and if I find anyone with very lovely Alice jewelry I will send the link your way!

lc said...

I LOVE CURSIVE! but did you know tim kasher beat his wife and had some cokey coke problem?