Monday, July 14, 2008

That's A Pie Crust Promise. Easily Made, Easily Broken.

Mary Poppins is certainly one of the best dressed whimsical icons around! She always appears perfectly turned out and elegant. She also always looks a bit quirky. Like that awesome hat and the parrot topped umbrella.

I also love the adorable neckbow... So I was over at Polyvore and I came up with the modern day look for Mary. A little bit quirky, with a cool straw cloche.

But I pretty much made this because I love those be-ribboned jazz shoes. The rest kind of happened.

PS - Thanks so much for everyones input regarding the eBay v Etsy issue. I've decided to dip my toe in the water with Etsy simply because I really love the whole community aspect. Which was the reason I started blogging as well!

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A dreamer said...

agreed! Mary Poppins has the best choice in umbrellas too.