Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Those Who Danced Were Thought To Be Quite Insane By Those Who Could Not Hear The Music

I miss being a kid and running out in the rain. Now it seems like there are too many excuses to stay inside and keep warm. Dancing in the rain and splashing in puddles used to be some of my favourite things to do. Enough is enough I told myself today - go and have some puddle splashing fun! But what is the appropriate footwear for such an occaison??

Converse and cassette socks! Why didn't I think of that?

Things I Love Today -

  • Making wishes on eyelashes

  • Zoe Regoczy - some of the most alive art I've seen in a long time

  • Project Runway Australia - the guys are bitchier than the girls.

  • The Getaway Plan - I get to see them this weekend!

  • Beautiful looking chess pieces - It's my Alice obsession flaring up again. I bought these two bookends that look like knights pieces. I can't stop staring at them.
Neon yellow 60s girls dress - thrift, peacoat - Target, scarf - knitted by me, tights - Coles, socks - Jay Jays, Converse by J. Lees.


Lady Smaggle said...

I'm so jealous of your fine little bones and lovely slim ankles. I would kill to wear pink converse high tops but I just look like a sherpa.

Skye said...

I look sherpa-esque in the converse hi tops too, but you look super cute. That scarf looks amazing - is there a detail shot of it somewhere on your blog?

Marmalade Wombat said...

LOL Lady smaggle is correct. but this looks fabulous on you! i love the long and narrow shape of converse.

A dreamer said...

i'm all for jumping in puddles too! there's nothing like bright pink and yellow to lift your day.

Ashleigh said...

adorable socks! I love the bright colors and funky print..

The Clothes Horse said...

Like I said w_r, love this outfit! It's all about the fun details.

Jenny H. said...

you look so unique and original.
i love it.

and thanks for the cute comments on my blog!

wanna trade links?

jayne said...

ooo very musical outfit, love the pinao scarf and tapes socks hehe :)

Jenny H. said...

ahh thank you!
yeah i love that sequinned bolero.
i needd to wear it more often!

sweett. i will add you now as well!

Miss Woo said...

Those pink converse are cute! and is that a piano key scarf I spot?