Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What Is Not Started Today Is Never Finished Tomorrow

I've been tagged again and so soon! I feel pretty popular.

5 things found in my bag

1. My purse

2. The obligatory mobile (which I hate, I don't ever have on and I ignore whenever possible)

3. My camera, a Canon Ixus - safely in its case because I broke the screen of the first one!

4. Car keys - I don't particularly like driving either, but the public transport where I live is sadly pretty dodgy and I should really start biking again.

5. A thousand, million buttons and brooches - the buttons are things that fall off and the brooches are if I feel under-accessorised.

5 things found in my wallet

1. Money – heaps of cash (don’t rob me!). I sold off a heap of textbooks lately and since they were all shady cash deals, it’s been adding up.

2. My shiny new credit card

3. My drivers licence – which looks nothing like me. Damn you, ugly Department of Transport yellow background.

4. Heaps of receipts – mainly from op shops and Noodle Box (I have a serious noodle addiction)

5. Band flyers

5 favourite things in my room

1. My hats – which I never really get to wear, I should probably do something about that.

2. My photos/photo albums

3. My stacks and stacks of vintage patterns

4. My jewellery collection – its massive and glittery and a super tangle.

5. My old CD player – I know everyone is all about Ipods etc but I’ve never really gotten that into them. I really miss how tangible CD’s are and my player reminds me of heaps of awesome parties.

5 things I want to do right now

1. Finish this post

2. Cut out this toile shirt

3. Start either an Etsy or Ebay store (I’m veering towards Etsy though)

4. Buy a Wii (My boyfriend’s brother got me addicted to Wii boxing and hey, I have all this extra textbook cash)

5. Call Alex and see how he went at indoor cricket

5 things I'm currently into

1. Australian Project Runway

2. The Sidewinder my mum bought me (it winds bobbins, but not on your machine, genius, I say!)

3. Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band (who I shall be seeing in October!)

4. Eating heaps of pasta – carbs will be the death of me.

5. Seizing the day

5 impressions of Amber who tagged me

1. She has awesome coloured hair. I’m jealous.

2. She looks good in pink.

3. She has an amazing cool pair of shoes from Forever 21, that makes me want to move to the US.

4. She has awesome/fun poses for her outfit shots.

5. She is incredibly skilled in the field of hair dressing (as in doing her hair in cool and technically difficult styles)

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esme and the lane way said...

Isn't it funny, we are now moving away from CDs to ipods, and not so long ago it was goodbye to records, and people missed the big artwork of them...