Saturday, August 16, 2008

Explosion After Explosion Followed

Some of the things that will be in the store in the next few days:

Top to bottom: Black Knitted Vest, Blue Crocheted Blouse, Red Crocheted Vest.

That's a whole lot of crocheted, knitted and vest. Perfect for these transitional months, don't you think???

So, I'm back. I had a work trip for most of the week and no internet access and then when I came back last night I was socialising. But I promise, that I'll try to get back to posting at least once every two days! My outfit posts will sadly be down but I'm thinking of trying to have more different types of posts - blogger interviews, why this outfit works posts, more I bought posts (which I'm sure there will be a heap of) and just some general things I'm loving posts.

I'm really interested to hear from you guys about what you'd like me to write more/less of. I just like writing and I suck a little bit at planning. So any help would be greatly appreciated!


Skye said...

I like all your posts really - i'm a sucker for "I bought" and "I made" posts (as well as outfits, of course). I'm less a fan generally of:

Polyvore collages/inspiration boards
Posts full of runway photos
"I want to buy" posts with pics from online retailers.

PS. my reader is having some weird issue with your RSS so it doesn't tell me when you update until days later - so annoying, because I keep missing your posts.

The Collector said...

I'm exactly like skye.

I most enjoy outfit posts and what I bought posts. I find alteration posts fascinating too 'cause I don't do it.

I don't like polyvore posts, runway posts - unless of course it is a runway to reality type thing - hey there's an idea!

yiqin; said...

The blouse and vest is freaking amazing!!!!! I'd love to have a vest like that!

Alie Suvelor said...

These look great, especially that amazing vest?

rohit said...


you are fantastic!!!

really nice blog
fabulous fantastic

The Clothes Horse said...

Brilliant vests. I love your last DIY, maybe more of those?

Heidi at MilkChildren said...

I love the idea in the "I've Got Spots, I've Got Stripes Too" post. I must try it out! Your crochet vest is also very nice :)

Blogette said...

I love your outfit posts and your cute DIY posts!
In love with all three outfits in particular the red crochet vest!! Its lovely.