Friday, September 12, 2008

My Pulse Like A Soft Drum, Beats My Approach

After yesterday's post about losing inspiration, I tried to think what the actual problem was and tried to figure out something to do about it. The conclusion that I came to is that I'm getting so bogged down in trends and other peoples interpretations rather than focusing on my own.

To get over this, I've decided to research some time periods/activities/general sorts of lifestyle things that will hopefully inspire me in a non-direct way. I intend to link them back to fashion/style related things but I'm trying to think outside the box here, people (you can tell I've been working in an office for a little too long, with all my hip corporate jive words).


I love anything that involves sparkley costumes, cool hats and twirling sticks so I thought that this would be right up my alley.

All photos: Flickr (click on the photos)
Things that you can learn from majorettes:
  1. Perky is not necessarily bad or super annoying, it can be cute and clean cut.
  2. Never under estimate the power of white and a dark colour such as navy/black. It's classic but it doesn't have to be boring.
  3. Pants with strips can be a bit hokey but if done well, I'd say that they are quite leg lengthening.
  4. White shoes look amazing, as do little white socks with shoes (ala Audrey in Funny Face).
  5. If you have all crazy stuff (braiding/detail) going on up the top, keep skirts shorter.
  6. Hats and a cute smile will get you places.

Etsy Pick:

This 1940's dress has been in my favourites for a while now and I keep going back and looking at it even though I know it will be too big. It would probably be too hard to take in as well but it is still my dream dress.

Dress from the lovely Green Dragon Lady (who has some really great stuff in her etsy store).

I'd wear this one with my white Windsor Smiths and a jaunty boater.

I hope everyone has a great start to the weekend!


Lavender said...

I just want to put big gold buttons on everything right now. Maybe it is down to a majorette moment.

Lady Melbourne said...

What a great theme!
I love that dress, will be checking out her etsy shop. Have a great weekend!

*indie_queen* said...

I love old photos, such a great way of getting inspiration! Now you have mentioned Majorettes I suddenly want some frilly socks and shiny buttons!

Missa said...

Great post, I love majorettes as style inspiration, it's brilliant!

Yeah, no hurries on the swap. I'll just start keeping my eye out for things you might like. We can flickr mail eachother sizes and stuff, yay fun! :)

The Clothes Horse said...

Very cool inspiration. I always thought the majorettes were failed cheerleaders, but you are making me re-think that...

Mo said...

i so want that dress. the belt and the pleats and the buttons. oh. too much coolness.

Miss Karen said...

I've always had a secret hankering to be a majorette - although I can't twirl a baton to save my life. Still, it's a great inspiration!

Nothing Elegant said...

This is such a fun post. I love their hats...

esme and the lane way said...

Majorettes, cool – what a great idea!
I love that blue dress, too, shame it's so big.