Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not A Girl Detective

My latest inspiration is the ever prepared Nancy Drew/mystery sleuthing books. From the awesome book illustrations to the incredible pieces in the recent Nancy Drew movie, I'm completely in love.

Things to be learnt from Nancy/cool female sleuths:
  1. Following leads doesn't require you to dress boring (same applies for work situations and being active in general).
  2. Peter pan collars are the only type of collar.
  3. Matchy-matchy need not necessarily be boring or predictable.
  4. Colour is probably your greatest friend.
  5. On that note, don't always go for expected colour combinations - the picture of the game above really hit this home for me. I would've never thought of combining teal and maroon/claret but this looks amazing!
  6. Magnifying glasses make cool accessories.
  7. Trench coats are rad.

Etsy Picks -
This awesome magnifying glass is the perfect sleuthing accessory. And given my fear of gold tones, the silver frame suits me perfectly! Magnifying glass from Aliveglass.

What mystery solver would get anywhere without some sort of plaid apparel. This vintage plaid skirt is a great colour (wouldn't show dirt while on tricky fact finding missions) and it has the coolest hip flaps. Vintage plaid skirt - Citygirl101

And it's the weekend again, these things come around so quickly!


Skye said...

I liked Nancy Drew, but my favourite girl detective was Trixie Belden. I'm pretty sure the clothes in those sounded totally seventies though!

The Clothes Horse said...

I definitely want to see the film version one day.
My inspiration is Faye Dunaway in "Bonnie&Clyde." If we were kids playing cops and robbers, I would be the villian...

jayne said...

omg loved nancy drew film, definitely awesome style!

Miss Karen said...

I quite like the 60s vibe of Nancy Drew although I never really got into her - I think I first discovered her through Claudia from the Baby Sitters Club, she loved reading Nancy Drew didn't she?

*indie_queen* said...

What a great set of pics to be inspired by!

pennywarner said...

Love your site - and love Nancy too.
YOu might enjoy THE OFFICIAL NANCY DREW HANDBOOK - it's full of tips and skills I learned from Nancy Drew.
Thanks for the great info.
-Penny Warner

disa said...

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