Sunday, September 14, 2008

To Swirl In The Air That Knows Not Day Or Night

I've been fantasising over big fifties circle skirts for a while now. I love the tiers and the quirky patterns. After becoming better acquainted with longer skirts, I went through my 'never wear' pile and found something similar, this skirt. And then the fun began!

Wearing - Cream jacket - thrift, black singlet - thrift, floral skirt - thrift, brooches - thrift, black shoes - thrift.
A fun, fun day of material shopping (again!), pattern drafting (I still suck), watching my boyfriend play cricket, bushwalking adventures and attempting to scale (mini) lighthouses.
Fashion week is also on again, its funny when you look at actual runway shots they seem almost timeless, yet it's from these exact same pieces that dated 'trends' arise.
Other things that have caught my attention:
  1. These shoes... Although, I'm not sure I'd spend $200 dollars on them. But I want/love them all the same.
  2. Thrift goddess/goodness over at Trish Hunter Finds
  3. I'm not one for gambling but I was over at my friends house one day and looking at her parents antiques collection and I came across some of these - the tiny dice one to be exact. These are pretty much the coolest things I've ever seen.
  4. The utter coolness of Against Me!


trishhunterfinds said...

Eeee aren't you the loveliest person!
I just came to lurk your page and was delighted to see my blog link!
Made my night :)

trishhunterfinds said...

Oh my gosh. I just looked at the 'shoes' link and I realised I have some similar.
Different... but similar detail.
They're amaaazing. Always get compliments. A good investment. I suggest the splurge would be worth it!

*indie_queen* said...

Great photo, I love to see people smiling and laughing :D
50's skirts are amazing, I just struggle with them when its windy!

Alex said...

that dress is adorable!

jayne said...

cute skirt!

IRIS and PIETER said...

what a lovely picture!
makes me smile :D
and the outfit is really cute!

Skye said...

You look so happy and pretty here - it sounds like you had a pretty fantastic weekend too!

Lady Melbourne said...

50's skirts rock for Spring, I can't wait to see what you find!
Beutiful picture, you look lovely.

esme and the lane way said...

I LOVE this picture of you, you look so happy! The skirt looks cool. I love these little watches, they are right up my alley. Hopefully I will find one, one day.

Louise said...

Oh my, you look very pretty and very happy here. I love the light top and floral skirt,so very spring-like.