Sunday, October 19, 2008

You Aim To Win The Same Races You Had Won Before.

So the races were on yesterday... and even though I had an outfit I didn't end up going (due to Alex having to work until 4pm). But that's cool because it would have been pretty boring anyway and for me it was all about the outfit. So here it is... the unseen outfit.


I'm not really one for posting outfits I haven't worn, but I was finally happy with the lace jacket so I thought I'd share. Hopefully I'll wear an incarnation of this outfit at some point but probably without the headpiece.


Wearing - black dress - thrift (Salvation Army), black cardigan (underneath) - Target, lace jacket - thrift, shoes - Betts, headpiece - thrift (Lifeline).

I was also tagged by Alex over at Weird Fractals to reveal Eleven Favourites. More like a thousand million favourites. I found it hard to separate things.

eleven little favourites
1. clothes shop: I figured out the other day that I shop almost exclusively at Target and thrift stores. Thrift stores/op shops because of variety and the thrill of the hunt and Target because where else can you get a pack of three pairs of sparkly socks for $10?

2. furniture shop: Thrift stores again. I found the best deep red corduroy chair for $50.

3. sweet: These things called Raspberry Bites. You get them from Coles in super huge packets. They are essentially raspberry licorice covered in chocolate. I could live on them (but would probably have no teeth by the time I hit thirty).

4. city: I always had a soft spot for Orange in NSW. It was super pretty.

5. drink: Bourbon on the rocks.

6. music: Cursive, The Faint, Rilo Kiley, I Heart Hiroshima, Against Me!, Everytime I Die, The B52's.

7. tv show: I don't watch a heap of TV but I guess Midsomer Murders?

8. film: Any and every Jane Austen adaptation, any and every Shakespeare adaptation, superhero movies and movies set in any time pre 2001.

9. workout: I kind of suck at it but I'm trying to get fitter. Anything that's not boring???

10. pastries: ? Whatever other people buy me.

11. coffee: I'm weaning myself off a caffeine addiction but pretty much anything from Gloria Jeans with cream on it. No wonder my skin hates me.

Oh and I'm tagging Marianne at Esme and the Laneway, Skye at Skylark & Son, Annie at Annie Spandex, Lavender and Yolk and Trish.


Skye said...

The lace jacket looks perfect with the all black outfit! I hope it gets a chance to be worn soon.

Thank you for the tag - I shall put it in my top drawer with the other ones I have, waiting for a day when I have a little bit of time!

jayne said...

love your shoes!

and rilo kiley rocks

trishhunterfinds said...

Amazzing shoes!
Pitty you didn't get to go.
I've wanted to go for years but something always happens to prevent it.
You look lovely. The lace fits perfectly.

Missa said...

Wow, the lace jacket looks amazing with this all black ensemble!

I hear ya on Target, it's next to impossible to leave that store without a pair of socks or tights!

Amber said...

That lace jacket is amazing!

*indie_queen* said...

That lace jacket is very very special. And love the shoes!

Miss Karen said...

I love bourbon.

And your outfit would have been so lovely - the lace jacket is just amazing!

Saorise, the Irish nymph said...

You look stunning!
I definitely agree with you on films!

fashion herald said...

wow to the lace jacket, and I love the shoes.

stacyinsaddleshoes said...

cute outfit. I think you look the best when you wear your white socks.The really look great on you.

Annie said...

Oh, I remember that lace jacket! You've styled it nicely.

Thanks for the tag! I'll try and get to it soon.. said...

i'm very jelous of this outfit!

Hayley Bash said...

i just bought shoes exactly like these. excited to see them looking fab! can't wait to wear em.