Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Envy Is The Art Of Counting Others Blessings

Or in my case, looking on Etsy for too long. This post could also be entitled - Things I Love But Will Never Own.
Amazingly, amazing Vintage Wicker and Plastic Handle Poodle Bag. This reminds me so much of something that Nicole from Fashion Forestry would love. Sometimes I think I want to be her. Is that weird??

ROSE CREPE vintage 30s PLEATED square neck BOW gown dress S M

This dress is fairly awesome. I love the colour and all the awesome details. It reminds me why I'm going to start buying quality over quantity. Though I don't know that you can get this sort of quality anymore. Why is that? Isn't there the market for it anymore?

Vintage Eisenberg Scarf Clip Very Early, marked Sterling pre 1935
I just love sparkly, sparkly things. And this one is fancy, fancy, fancy too!

In relation to the last post and the dress that I made:

I didn't draft it, but I didn't use a pattern either, if that makes sense. I guess I kind of do use a pattern because I'll look at the shape of a similar bodice, but lately I've been doing things by eye and with the use of my new dressmakers doll.

I think I looked at a 1970s pattern for the bodice but completely changed the neckline (so it could have a collar) and made it so there could be a zip at the back. And then added the separation down the front so I could have buttons!

The skirt I just measured my waist, multiplied the measurement by three (plus seam allowances) and then cut out a rectangle this long. I then did knife pleats around the the whole thing. They're actually super easy.

I think that it turned out better than some of my other stuff too because I actually bought the material new for once (Spotlight) instead of buying secondhand and having to cut things out weird or use different fabrics for facings.
That being said, I still reckon it's 85.6% luck...


jayne said...

oo the bag is so quirky and cute and love the cut of the dress

Parapluie said...

so true, sewing is always a bit like roulette, you never know how it'll turn out eventually (or maybe that's just because I've only just starting sewing :))

ldvnicole said...

Oh thanks for wanting to be me... I'm incredibly flattered!!!!

Oh etsy, what a drug!!! I want everything you listed as well, but all the dresses from that girl above, never quite fit me. For some reason the waist is always too big or too small. Oh well she has many dreamy dresses!!

DaisyChain said...

that bag is epic. I want.

The Clothes Horse said...

That bag is crazy! Etsy is great for finding things I like and admiring from a distance.

Jasmina said...

LOVE THE BAG :oooo so cute, that would make every outfit so girly <3

mary said...

lovely bag!!!! :D

amy said...