Thursday, June 11, 2009

Attachment Is The Great Fabricator of Illusions

The word 'glom' (which means to steal or to attach to) is a word that I first came into contact with during the movie, Josie and the Pussycats. It's the perfect word to describe how I've been feeling lately... I've been 'glomming on' to other peoples style, mainly people that I have internet style crushes on. It's a bit disappointing really. I've always prided myself on being different but I guess because of the overwhelming style presence on the internet at the moment, I'm feeling a little lost... and as a result, clinging to the life ring that is other people's style.

You know you're doing it when you:
a) Buy something because you've seen them wear something similar. You get it home and realise that it makes you look like a maiden aunt going to church (and not in a good way).
b) Get completely confused about your colourways - you start to drift towards colours that suit them and nine times out of ten, these colours make you look washed out and ridiculous.
c) Finally, all of your outfits don't feel quite like you. And there is nothing quite like the feeling of mood/outfit/occasion symmetry.

Ways to detach yourself from the style weakening grasp of the glom -

1. Go to your wardrobe and pick out the most 'you' item. At the moment, my thrifted military/band jacket feels pretty much amazing. Build an outfit around it. Ask yourself why you like it. It's kind of a ten second cheat way of defining your style.

2. Read one of those dodgy colour analysis, Color Me Beautiful books. Sorry about the dodgy different spellings of colour but I'm Australian and we have 'U's' in everything! Anyway, it's not hard and fast but they can be helpful.

3. Step away from the computer. I know it's difficult (well, it is for me!) but I think that everyone's style will say thank you for it. More originality, less glomming!

PS. Just a tiny gripe for the week - I'm getting sick of reading bio's of bloggers who describe themselves as avid thrift shoppers or vintage lovers and then you look through the last three months of their posts and they haven't worn any vintage/thrift! Don't hop on the band wagon if you can't play an instrument!


Tongue pokes at them!


elena-lu said...

heehee well said there! haha i have new thrifted second hand gifted and things from catalogs in my wardrobe so yeah no im not a vintage girl im a whatever i can get my grubby little hands on then yeah ill take it heehee
and ive been mulling over wether im too attached to all these fashion blogs and not finding my own style. lately ive read quite a few blogs where they ask about style and what you consider your look to be or how it is that you come to put an outfit together... and i kept thinking well gee i dont know im kind of finding out what my style is still. then today i read this post you have on here and i think its hitting me that the reason i feel im still finding myself is that im letting all these blogs kind of seep in and im starting to copy or want to be more like so and so cause they look so cute or pretty or chic or whatever the word
i do like one thing from reading these blogs that i hadnt had before and thats them having challenges about how to style a peice of clothing or coming up with new ways to wear such and such. i needed that cause i dont do that on my own enough and probably wouldnt unless its put as a "challenge" so i think i'll still keep that part
but im going to remember that no matter how cute so and so looks in yellow/orange/brown ive always loved the way i feel when i wear blues and purples
and i always feel quite rocking in my black and white outfits but contrary to how awesome others look in edgy modern outfits yeah ok thats not me so dont even go there (cause um yeah i was so going there!)
and maybe i AM still evoling i mean we all change and thats not a bad thing sometimes, but i can find out my style from me and not just be a copy of my fave fashion blogger.
dude im feeling empowered! woot!

um.... also i think i may have written a little more than i shouldve! aah! sorry i guess what i really wanted to say:
great post! ;P

jayne said...

haha that photo!

i like being healthily inspired by others, but sometimes I do realize I've essentially reconstructed someone else's entire outfit, I fool myself into thinking its unique because its with my specific wardrobe items, but when its an entire ensemble there's definitely a lack of fashion creative flow oopa

Char.Lotte said...

what creative insight... i am definitely guilty glomming, time to break the habit!

Hannah said...

I know, I know! I remember when I first came across fashion/style blogs a couple of years ago and it was just inspiration overload. My style was probably all over the place for quite some time, to be honest it still sort of is. I like so many different looks floating around the blogosphere that it's hard to tell what my style actually is. I'm hoping that it's starting to settle a little now, that I'm getting a better idea of what I like. Sometimes I write lists (I love a good list) of things that have been inspiring me for a really long time, like certain colour palettes etc and I find that helps. When I look back at them I can usually say to myself, yep, still like that, still like that etc. This was a great post!

muchlove said...

thank you for the sweet comment!

Oh, I just learned a new word - I've never heard of "glomming" before ;) but I do get what you mean. It's definitely a good idea to step back and look at your own style.

fhen said...

your thought about glomming is great! hmm that's right, it's a reminder.
i have never been to such acute glomming phase before, i get inspiration but still mix and matching with my personality. haha.
About your thought about vintage, it is such a coincidence, i have just post outfit with my mom's vintage goods haha. i'm not that into vintage actually.

josephine said...

down with glomming! haha, awesome post. nice to hear you're a fellow aussie too - hoorah for u's in everything ;)

Hannah said...

totally know what you mean! i wanted a leather motorcycle jacket for a minute, but luckily i never bought one because i would never wear it. just not the leather girl, though many other gals look great in it.

brooke said...

haha, "dont hop on the bandwagon if you can't plan an instrument!"

love it. yeah, I hate people saying theyre so keen on thrifting, and they're really so not - it's really annoying!


cute picture too!

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